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Oil Change

How often you should have your oil changed in Gainesville, FL

Regular maintenance is important for your vehicle's long-term performance. Taking good care of your car helps avoid costly repairs down the road and minimizes potential inconveniences in your daily life. At Parks Hyundai of Gainesville, we want to help keep your vehicle's maintenance on track. As you know, it's important to get your oil changed regularly. But do you know how often your oil should be changed? To answer this question, we've provided a few tips below.

3,000 Miles: Fact or Fiction?

Mechanics and car owners used to recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles. But things have changed. While 3,000 miles was a good guideline for older cars, most mechanics agree that the number has increased for most models made in 2008 or later. This is because both engine and oil technology have improved over time. The new recommended mileage is around 7,500, but 5,000 is recommended for older models. A good time frame to get your oil changed is six months, and this is also a good amount of to have your car inspected for other maintenance it may need.

How Do You Drive?

The type of driving you do and the climate in which you live may also affect when your oil should be changed. A vehicle that experiences frequent starting and stopping and short driving distance works the engine hard without giving the oil a chance to warm up enough to work at full capacity. Colder climates also negatively affect oil-functionality for the same reason.

Check Your Owner's Manual

No matter what, it's best to trust your manufacturer's judgment. No one knows your car better than those who designed and built it. Refer to your owner's manual to find out when your specific model's oil should be changed as well as when other routine services need to be performed.

This page serves as a general guideline to give you a better idea about scheduling oil changes. The best source is always a mechanic specializing in your car's manufacturer. No two cars are the same, so an expert opinion is always your best option.

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